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October 20, 2016

Spotlight: Jacquie Aiche

Photo Credit: Laura Layera
Bianca Green, Jacquie Aiche
Photo Credit: Laura Layera

Photo Credit: Laura Layera
The jewelry maven's studio
Photo Credit: Laura Layera

“Fashion has always been a vessel for social change and a form of personal expression,” said Jacquie Aiche. “It helps change the stigma around the ‘stoner culture.’” And nobody is more committed to leading the charge than the jewelry designer and L.A. native, known for her namesake gemstone-laden fine jewelry, including her cannabis-inspired Sweet Leaf line (snakeskin clutches, delicate marijuana-leaf gold earrings).

“Let’s face it, marijuana is available nearly everywhere.  But without mandated protection or safety laws, it can become dangerous to society, as with any uncontrolled substance,” said Aiche who teamed up with Spark the Conversation founder Bianca Green on Wednesday, October 19 for an event in the leafy garden of her Beverly Hills showroom to raise awareness for Prop 64 and the legalization of marijuana in California. “It will help generate a lot of income locally and adults will be able to purchase tested cannabis,” she explained.

Joined by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Vanessa Hudgens, Aiche also feted the debut of her new Sweet Leaf smoking accessories line. “I hope to spread the awareness about the cannabis community and gain support for Prop 64,” said the designer. “Marijuana is also a symbol of freedom for our generation to be a part of the changing times.”

By Lesley McKenzie.

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